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Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks – LH Dub (Distorted Echoes EP)

Released back in 2003, when Le French House sound was slowly bubbling away, and both Pépé Bradock and Kif Recordings were at the forefront of the scene. This is probably one of the ‘straightest’ remixes he ever committed to wax after he was commissioned to remix the original penned by Greg Gaulthier and Tony L.. US house diva Michelle Weeks is on fine form on the full vocal mix. but at the time, I seem to recall everyone I knew opting for the dub, which was a little less raspy on the ears and simply repeated the same ‘Set Me Free’ refrain.

Mr Bradock would of course go on to do his thing, creating more and more creative and avant garde slabs of house and techo as things moved on. Meanwhile Ms Weeks would go back to lending her powerful tones to many a soulful garage number that would no doubt rock The Shelter in the early hours of Sunday morning. Nothing as interesting as this though, in my opinion!

Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks - LH Dub (Distorted Echoes EP)

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