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In the first of a series of brief ‘heads up’ posts, here’s a timely reminder that you can now pick up Sampha’s solo version of Drake’s ‘Too Much’ on vinyl from your local record store.

When the videos and digital for Sampha’s latest dropped back in November, the track and its B-side ‘Happens’ slowly eased themselves into our festive playlist.  Now, some months later, you can finally grab both on a cheeky split 7″ courtesy of the Young Turks imprint. One for the collector crew for sure, it’s the power of ‘Happens’ that does it for us. 21st century soul single handedly crafted through the means of a man and his piano. To call it spellbinding is an understatement and it’s been on constant rotation here at Soul-Identity HQ. Now we’re looking forward to adding the physical item to our collection.

Of course, if you are yet to hear the tracks in question, may we suggest you check the videos below. Like the music, the visual captures the mood perfectly.

7″: Juno | Phonica | Sounds of the Universe
MP3s: iTunes