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Mike Davis - Baniza EP

Hot on the heels of their recent EP from a seemingly revitalised Domu, fledgling UK label Sector 12/12 returned to the fray last week with a brand new release from Berlin-based producer Mike Davis.

The digital imprint Sector 12/12 first appeared on our radar a few months ago following a low key launch at the beginning of the year. In that time, label head Mr Shift has already delivered two free Bandcamp releases to pique listeners’ interest, following up an initial EP of deep ambient electronica from the producer Infest with the well-received (and somewhat out of the blue) comeback release from Domu. Both shed some light on the agenda of the new label, a love for pushing twisted electronic sounds overground clearly proving to be a pivotal force that initially brought Sector 12/12 into being. This fact is further confounded by the release of this third EP, written and produced by Mike Davis, a quality four-tracker that features conflicting takes on forward-thinking techno.

Davis is a new name to us, although we’ve been reliably informed that he’s been making electronic records since 2011. Of Canadian heritage but currently based in the musical hotbed of Berlin, he’s a prolific producer (so much so that when asked to submit a demo, he sent through 22 tracks) and by the sounds presented on this EP, a well-versed one at that. Here he flexes his production chops in various ways, pulling together diverse strands of the techno genre and showcasing them in a more than cohesive manner. The productions unmistakably share a common bond with the rawer elements of 90s house and 303 acid culture, yet each of the tracks explores the territory in a different way.

The title track ‘Baniza’ opens things up and heads straight for the jugular with a deep and gnarly sound propelled forward by the simplest of kicks and a relentless bassline that provides perfect fodder to fuel those 6am shuffles on the dancefloor. ‘Toasted Acid’ begins in a similar vein before breaking out into a more refined and driving slice of futuristic funk, while the 303 (as the name suggests) is heavily worked in the background. It’s a mixdown which is more than capable of blowing the doors off any night at Berghain, yet has enough going on to stand out from some of the more soulless productions of its contemporaries. The second half of the EP is slightly more ‘soulful’ kicking of with ‘Synaptic’ which layers syncopated synth stabs on top of a driving hypnotic groove. For us though, it’s perhaps the final track ‘Pedestrian Sound’ which takes the prize, a warm old school style jam with skippy drums and sweeping synths that create an evocative hybrid of deep house and soul-infused techno. Overall, it’s an inviting glimpse into the world of Davis and another solid collection of sounds presented by Sector 12/12.. We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for #4!

Check out samples of the all four tracks below and if some take your fancy, make sure you support by picking them up via the label’s Bandcamp page.


It’s been nearly five years since Domu dramtically retired from the music business and producing in general, but today sees the surprise release of some fresh music from the much loved broken beat pioneer on new fledgling label Sector 12/12.

It’s no surprise to learn that Domu was one of our favourite artists, his rugged and fierce rhythms always guaranteed to mash up a dance, while as a DJ, his technical skill and dexterity behind the decks always resulted in an inspirational set or two (although not a live set, check out one of his last ever promo mixes from 2009). He was one of a number of leading producers who sustained the broken beat movement for over a decade, consistently pushing the sound in ever interesting directions to the point that his expansive discography is peppered with various aliases, assorted BPMs and genre-hopping.

The three track ‘Under The Weather’ EP is released digitally today and in true Domu style offers up three very different tracks to enjoy. ‘Rain All Day (VIP)’ finds his signature sound updated for a new decade, featuring as it does his trademark heavy breaks coupled with a recurring pitched up vocal sample and sweeping, atmospheric pads. ‘Sunshrine (VIP)’ takes things in a slightly housier direction and perhaps is the pick of the bunch, a heads down groove driving things forward while a bouncy bassline keeps things interesting. The final track sees the producer’s Umod alter ego revisited. ‘Rain Or Shine’ is a lush hip-hop inspired instrumental that slowly unravels into a soul fuelled beat with jazzy keys and electric bass. All that’s missing is a Nicole Kramer vocal and this would be vintage Domu circa 2001.

Who knows what lies ahead for the producer moving forward – it’s perhaps a little premature to think that he’ll return to a production schedule that amassed so many classic tunes in such a short space of time. However, this EP is a suitable taster to either introduce (or reintroduce) yourself to the man that we perhaps thought we would never hear from again.

You can stream all three tracks below and should you need them in your life permanently, head on over to the Sector 12/12 Bandcamp and add them to your collection.

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