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Well here’s an interesting little nugget for your Tuesday listening schedule. Resonators are a nine-piece dub reggae outfit coming straight out of the twin musical hotbeds of Brighton and London, and 2012 saw them release their sophmore album ‘The Comfort’ on Wah Wah 45s to much acclaim. Now truthfully reggae and roots music has always been a bit of a difficult one for us, the vast catalogue of artists, labels and of course, its rich history acting as a sizeable barrier to understanding the genre as a whole (so eh… frankly we’ve kind of sadly ignored it so far!). But, that being said, when the man like Emanative’s Nick Woodmansey tipped us to his take on one of the troupe’s songs ‘Vipers’, our interest was piqued.

With the help of the lovely Jessica Lauren, keyboard supremo and specialist in all things dub, Nick turns out an excellent track that is ripe for a spin after hours when the dancefloor is yearning for a more adventurous rhythm. In fact we might just have found the natural successor to our battered copy of ‘Magnificent Dance’, as the pair rework the steppers groove to produce something with a slightly more frenetic feel, and Jessica adding to the original’s use of an Farfisa organ with harp and tape delay simply aids in amping up the atmospherics by +10. We’re big fans of the old Farfisa here and it seems it was not by accident that the label sounded out Nick for the remix, as he recalls “When Wah Wah approached me about doing the remix, they said that they’d thought of me because of the Farfisa organ – knowing that I love it and that Jessica had hunted down, and bought one especially for playing in our version of Steve Reid’s ‘Lions Of Judah’!”

The track is available on the expanded edition of ‘The Comfort’ which was released this week on Wah Wah 45s. You can give it a listen below and if you feel like throwing some pennies in the hat, skank on over to the Wah Wah 45s Bandcamp and fill your boots.

Oh and if the above confession irks you in anyway, feel free to drop a few links to some reggae gems in the comments section. You never know, we might get inspired.