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Still reeling from this week’s  announcement (in a good way) that the mighty Domu is making a comeback, a little further digging reveals that Daz-I-Kue is also back behind the boards and releasing tracks again (although officially he never actually retired).

For those of you who need a little recap, Daz was one of the founding members of the Bugz in the Attic crew who back in the late nineties alongside 4hero, Domu, Phil Asher and the IG Culture had the West London scene on lock,  their seminal Co-Op sessions in London at first The Velvet Rooms, and second, Plastic People proving to be a catalyst that would subsequently push the sound overground. After the scene imploded a decade later, Daz crossed the Atlantic to start afresh in Atlanta, GA, surrounding himself in the local music scene and also involving himself in production and radio for Future Soul Records (check out the Joy Jones’ full-length Godchild’ for some killer Daz-I-Kue produced bruk and hip-hop inspired beats).

Released at the start of this month via the I-Kue Recordings Bandcamp, ‘Lovestep’ is the first new material from the producer for quite some time, and for his return he offers up two tasty tracks heavily influenced by the sounds of dubstep but also awash with his own assorted influences. Lead track ‘Lovestep Theme’ starts off like any other dubstep affair, Daz’s trademark drums certainly suiting the slightly slower tempo, before a shimmering melody envelops the piece in a soulful sheen. ‘Black Ice’ picks up the pace a little and is probably the standout of the two, syncopated beats thud and clack over a bubbly bass line, while Marty Kearns gets busy on the organ.

Listen to both track below and hop on over to the Bandcamp page if you want to make the relationship permanent.

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