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Amy Capilari

It’s a deadline type of today so things are gonna have to be kept brief but you know when you settle down with your morning coffee and click play on something with no preconceptions and get blown away? This would be one of those times. Today this excellent track made its way into our collective conscience. No hype, no fanfare, jut a simple Soundcloud link. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Originating from within the confines of Romania, singer Amy Capilari and young producer Burex team up to drop this bomb of a track. Classy, understated deep house, perhaps not of the Chicago persuasion but then also not the type currently masquerading as the genre today. A little big tracky, effortlessly soulful and with Capilari’s breathless vocals drifting in and out of the mix, this is a keeper which is handy as it’s also a free download.

Stream and download the MP3 below.